Social Media Management

made simple.

Want to work in your zone of genius, but keeping up with social media is bumming you out and taking up all of your precious time? We can help.

We provide scalable social media strategies and management that increase brand awareness, establish you as a credible, trusted and iconic authority & improve brand loyalty. Let’s chat and talk all things social. What are you waiting for? It’s FREE.

so you need a social media marketing strategy?

With our social media marketing and management service, we will work alongside you and build you a credible brand that customers trust, we’ll engage & grow your community - turning customers into a word-of-mouth marketing team, drive more traffic to your website, establish you as an authority, ensure we’re increasing your revenue and hitting your targets, AND give you your time back to enjoy your business and your life.

So how does it work?


We start off with a collaborative meeting where we will take a deep dive of your business, We’ll explore or redefine your brand, tonality, personality, mission, USP, purpose, goals, and vision. Think coffee (or wine), a nice sunny beachside location, and a good old fashioned brainstorming session.


Once we know where you want to go, we pave the path to get you there with a smart strategy that ensures we’re consistent, clear & helping you grow. Picture mood boards, tri-monthly social media campaign planning, a fast-paced, high vibe strategy session, & more coffee (or wine).


With a roadmap in hand, we work with you to create the relatable, relevant & engaging content that wins hearts, gains trust and elevates your business organically and ethically. No careless images, no buying followers and definitely no cheap bots that damage your brand's credibility.


Once we’ve determined the right strategy & the perfect content, we’ll get to work connecting you with your ideal clients on the platforms they use most. Whether it’s Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, or another up & coming app - it’s our job to discover & stay ahead of the game so you have more time to run your business.

Eastside Promises

  • Innovative Social Media RoadMapping

  • Regular Contact & Monthly Meetings

  • Custom Packages & No Lock-In Contracts

  • Growth in 30 days or it’s half price

  • Proactive Management & Care

  • Continuous Performance Measurement

  • Good Vibes & Open Collaboration

  • Epic storytelling that Inspires Action

  • Goal & Milestone Tracking

SM Essentials

  • Full Social Media Management (2 Platforms)

  • Full Account Optimisation (2 Platforms)

  • 3 x Social Media Posts P/W

  • 1 x Social Media Story P/W

  • 15 Mins Daily Online Outreach

  • Online Customer Service

  • Monthly Social Media Strategy

  • Monthly Boosted Post Campaign

  • Monthly Reporting

SM Intensive

  • Full Social Media Management (2 Platforms)

  • Full Account Optimisation (2 Platforms)

  • 5 x Social Media Posts P/W P/P

  • 2 x Social Media Story P/W P/P

  • 0.75HR Daily Online Outreach

  • Online Customer Service

  • Monthly Social Media Strategy

  • Fortnightly Boosted Campaign

  • Monthly Reporting

Discover how we can help your business thrive this year

If you’re feeling a little confused & overwhelmed at the thought of tackling your social media marketing strategy but you know how important it is to help your business grow, then feel free to contact us for an obligation free consultation about how our social media marketing services can give you more time, more growth, less hassle, and earn you more money.

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