Social Media Consultancy

Does Your Social Media Need a Makeover?

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If you’re like a lot of medium-sized businesses, and often even big businesses, chances are you’re so busy doing other things inside your business that your social media strategy has fallen by the wayside. Maybe you never even thought about it as a “strategy” in the first place, and now you’re wondering what you’ve been missing out on this whole time. You might already have a facebook page, maybe even a bare-bones Facebook ads page. But let’s be honest - your Instagram & Twitter accounts haven’t been touched since you set them up, it’s been so long now you might not have even switched your Instagram over to a Business account. Looking at your low engagement levels you’re beginning to see a lot of potential and room to grow your social media presence and utilize a platform that works FOR you. So you’re thinking your next step is to scout some social media consultancy right? If this sounds like you then scout no more - we’ve got something to help save you time, and earn your money through your social media.

We’re social media experts and we offer custom consultancy for your business. As business owners, we understand the eagerly anticipated but never ending to do list that growth brings. It’s difficult to prioritize where to put your time when there’s so much actual work to be done. Don’t get it twisted though - a good social media strategy IS a priority for your business - especially if you want to continue to grow. With so many competitors making use of the seemingly endless amount of free resources and platforms to stay connected with their future clients - you’d be doing yourself a disservice to think your social media doesn’t require the same amount of attention. Straight up - it does. Our social media consultancy works on a monthly basis and is focused around collaborative “brain dumping” sessions - sounds gross, in reality - it’s seriously fun. We help you pinpoint your most profitable social media platforms, help you prioritize the necessary work that needs to be done, outline a timeline of goals to achieve the work, and teach you a bunch of nifty tricks to streamline your social media so you can be more efficient, effective and on top of your game. We also bring a bunch of beverages and snacks of your choice.

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What’s different about Eastside’s Social Media Consultancy?

We don’t do business with strangers. That means that when we join forces, we’re invested in you. We don’t just catch up once a month - once you do business with us, however large or small, we’re your partners for life - better yet consider us your friends. We’re just as excited about your business and projects as you are. We’re energetic, honest & want to empower you with the tools & knowledge to sustain your own social media growth. When you invest in Eastside to consult for you, you can contact us anytime throughout the consultancy period, our doors are open 24/7 (figuratively - please don’t call at midnight unless it’s an emergency and you need us to look after your dog). But our commitment to openness & partnership doesn’t stop there - we also pride ourselves on our post completion customer service. We will happily act as social media mentors for our consultancy clients long after the consultancy has finished, because we genuinely care. So once we’ve sorted you out with a cool new strategy and smart ways to implement it, you can rest easy knowing that any little nagging queries you have regarding your socials is a phone call away. And we encourage you to cash in on this phone call pass because that’s what good friends and good consultants are for.

If we sound like the consultants & friends you’d like to know more about & you’re seriously interested in taking your social media to the next level, we’re ready to hear from you. We love coffee, so let’s catch up over one.