Social Media Coaching

Tap into your superpowers

What the hell is social media marketing anyway, and how are you going to harness its power? It’s the million dollar question that some businesses have cleverly capitalized on, but countless others have not.

With Hashtags, Tweets, Geotagging, Pins, Check-Ins, Selfies, Filters, Snaps, Bots, Chats, Groups, Influencers, Shares, Vlogging, Podcasts - It’s not hard to see how quickly the molehill becomes a mountain. And there’s no denying it - the online world of social media is an ever growing mountain with new platforms & changing algorithms popping up every other day, but ignoring it isn’t going to solve your problem. And you shouldn’t ignore it. No, you have more drive than that - you want your business to sustain itself year after year, you want to grow, evolve, expand. You don’t want to be lost in the see of businesses that aren’t devoting enough energy toward their social media marketing and still can’t figure out why they're not thriving yet.

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How Can We Help You?

We offer social media coaching - and quite honestly we love it! We highly value the power social media holds to generate momentum & circulate energy - circulate messages. Now believe it or not - not creating a message for your target audience is still circulating a particular message, it’s just not the message you want. It says ‘we don’t care about connection, we don’t care about innovating, we don’t care about thriving’. Which can potentially hurt your business, because we all know consumers today are a little different. They actually care about those things more than the product - we’re no longer marketing to a generation that wants to know “what” you’re selling, they want to know “why”.

Here’s the real hook though, creating a kick-ass social media presence doesn’t HAVE to be overwhelming - it can be incredibly fun with the right tools and a can-do, collaborative attitude - and we have all of that plus more to offer you with our flexible social media coaching programs to accommodate to your individual needs, budgets & availability.

So if you’re looking to up-level your social media marketing game yourself, but need friendly guidance to help you understand, strategize and develop your own social media marketing plan to help your business thrive, we offer incredibly applicable coaching and take home materials to enable you to not only reinvigorate your online presence - but to thrive, and sustain your business, and most importantly enjoy it.

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What you can expect when you sign up for eastsides social media coaching program

  • Introduction to Socials

  • Complete Social Media Set Up - Unlimited Platforms

  • Identifying Target Audience & Appropriate Platform

  • Identifying or Creating Strong Branding Guidelines

  • Platform Navigation

  • Learn How to Harness Your Platforms Features

  • Social Media Optimisation Tips & Hacks

  • Timesaving Tools and Software

  • Game Plan & Strategy Development

  • Do’s & Don’ts & Whys

  • Social Media Calendar Planning & Structuring

  • + Much More



If you’ve been wanting to tap into your superpowers and harness the growth potential that comes with epic social media strategy & management, we offer one on one coaching customised to your needs and frequency at an affordable price so you can grow sustainably.

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