Masters of Marketing

When you have more than you need, build a longer table, not a higher fence

‘m.o.m’ is a social initiative that is currently under construction. it’s a program we’re developing that’s very close to our hearts, and hopefully close to yours too. masters of marketing is a program that provides marketing traineeships to disadvantaged teens. young teens who shows an interest in the digital realm and are willing to commit 8 weeks to us.

nominate a young australian

we aim to give each ‘m.o.m’ participant educational marketing programs & mentorship to up-skill them, empower them & get them ready for the workplace in a nurturing environment that builds self confidence. a big part of our ‘m.o.m’ program is personal development, that’s why we will be including post program mentorship as well.

volunteer with us when launched

we need help though, ‘m.o.m’ isn’t up and running yet and we want it to go national. if you’re a social care worker or another agency who has time, skills and heart to offer, then help us on a mission to collectively help the youth of our communities.

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Why M.O.M?

The making of mini marketing masters

As all business owners know, building a successful & sustainable business comes down to two primary things. First thing? A relentless passion and a ‘never back down’ attitude - also known as grit, or perseverance. But the second? The second thing is the people who help you get there. There is no such thing as the “self-made” person. We all stand on the shoulders of others in order to get a different perspective that helps us learn, grow and up-level. We all had teachers, parents, friends, mentors, professors, and every one of them taught us a particular lesson which lead us to achieve the success we experience today.

Once we understand that our success exists because of the people who shaped us, we have a responsibility to pay our dues; to help others learn and achieve success. That is what the M.O.M initiative seeks to do. We give our respects to those that came before, by giving our time to those that came after.

The m.o.m collective

As we said, we want this to go national, and if we want this initiative to scale so thousands can access it, then we can’t do it alone. We need a collective of skilled marketers, government workers, volunteers, program co-ordinators to help this vision come true. If you’re a business, an agency or someone in a position to drive positive change then please get in touch and let’s grow M.O.M together!