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That’s what you’re here for, isn’t it? To find a facebook advertising service that actually starts earning you money whilst reducing your costs. It seems simple enough in theory, but in practice, a successful Facebook Ads campaign is actually quite tactical and requires consistent optimisation. That’s why most people end up handing the task over to the professionals. All agencies have a different approach - your challenge is finding which one works best for you.

Eastside Social doesn’t just take on any client - not because we’re being snobby, but because we genuinely care. So we do something a lot of agencies forget to do before you sign up with them - we take the time to learn your companies products, profit margin, target audience & goals, then we flesh out what you’re going to need to not only get traffic to your site - but to ensure when it gets there, it converts. If we determine after our exploration session together that we can offer you a campaign that will be beneficial for your business, we’ll take it to the next step. If we don’t 100% believe our service is right for you, we’ll let you know & kindly direct you to another agency that can offer you growth - because we’re just that kinda agency. We know that lasting relationships are more important than a quick buck.

We do things a little differently at Eastside, our approach is more of a marathon than a sprint - which is counter-intuitive to the idea of paid ads & “Quick Wins”. But by the time we’ve mapped out your Facebook Ads campaign - you’ll be getting more real customers at half the normal cost of acquisition. The fact is that there are more than 1.1billion facebook users online, with the possibility to gain exposure to over 1000 users for less than $2.50. But we’re not an agency that cares about how many leads we get you if you can’t convert them. We’re an agency that cares about getting you the right leads with a holistic marketing approach. We’re an agency that will save you time, money & give you more than you came for.

Why Invest in Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads are one of the quickest ways to gain access to your target audience in the places they’re hanging out. The truth is that although organic social is necessary for a multitude of reasons we can discuss later, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to reach your audience this way. That’s because as with all things, companies want to capitalise on an opportunity to make money from brands using their platform. Facebook ads, when done right, can be very inexpensive and grow your business very quickly. This type of campaign is epic for lead generation and brand awareness and can elevate your business in a very short time. That’s because Facebooks Targeting features are some of the most elaborate and extensive features on the market, and although they’re difficult to do if you’re not a professional, we know how to create your campaign to work just as hard as you do. Plus you’re competitors are all on there, taking advantage of the platform and stealing what could have been your potential customers.

What our Facebook Ads Management Looks Like

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We take the time to get to know you and your business. We learn what makes it tick, find where your pain points are, and what you need to help you grow. Then we flesh out your target market and where they’re spending their time to help us qualify the right channels. We determine your marketing budget, and what your metrics are so we can ensure your goals are tracked & measured.

campaign development


Once we know your business goals & personality, we get to work strategising your custom designed ideal campaign including ad set creation, custom audience creation, design creative, ad copy, split tests & landing page optimisation to ensure that we’re sending the right customers to a landing page that drives conversion and increases revenue.

Facebook Ads Management

monitoring & maintenance

Then we manage the whole campaign for you, carefully monitoring the data to guide every action. You’ll receive performance reports monthly as a formality to ensure you have a hard copy of your results - but the truth is, our door is open any time you want to come in, and since we think of ourselves more like your partners in marketing, we’ll keep you in the loop far more regularly.

What’s Included in our Monthly Management?

  • Dynamic Sales Funnel Strategies

  • Customer Journey Mapping

  • Dynamic Remarketing

  • A/B Testing

  • Budget Refinement

  • Custom Audience Creation & Analysis

  • Monthly Reporting

  • A Marketing Mentor, Partner & Friend

  • Discovery Session

  • Strategy Development

  • Marketing Audit & Competitive Analysis

  • Quarterly S.M.A.R.T Goal Setting & Reviewal

  • Facebook Campaign Development

  • Complete Creative Creation

  • Data Monitoring and Campaign Optimisation

  • Landing Page Conversion Optimisation

Discover whether facebook ads is right for you today

We know your business can truly thrive with Eastside Social, because we pride ourselves on our dedication to crafting the right PPC strategy for you. And when you grow, we grow too. Because as you probably know by now, we really are your partners in growth.