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Creating ridiculously good content worth reading

You’ve probably heard the saying content is king, you might then have heard that distribution is its queen. That’s why we offer both content & distribution through our content marketing services.

Businesses with a well executed & distributed content marketing plan experience up to 126% more leads than businesses without a content marketing plan - the stats are in and content marketing is a clear winner!

We’re content marketing professionals & we believe that if you’re not joining in on the exciting world of content creation & marketing, then quite frankly you’re missing out on a massive chunk of potential clients that simply needed a little more grooming - Customers your competitors are stealing. It’s time to get serious, a half-a$$ed blog post, an e-newsletter every other month, and an unoptimised social media update isn’t going to cut it anymore. Don’t you want your content to build your brand, tell your story and convince potential customers to take action?

At Eastside Social, our content marketing service delivers valuable, engaging, high-quality content to help increase traffic, build customer loyalty, position you as an authority in your field, assist your SEO, drive conversions & give you your time back.

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The Eastside Social Way

strategy phase: content marketing strategy


We explore your business, research your audience, and strategize content marketing campaigns to increase your site visitors, gain customer loyalty, improve your online presence, and earn you conversions - all whilst having fun.

Develop Phase: content creation


We brainstorm, plan, and develop high engagement, relevant, relatable & helpful content to keep your customers interested. We aim not to interrupt your client from their interests but to be what your client is interested in.

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Once we’ve completed the strategy, copy and design of your new content - we will assess the most valuable platforms to showcase, advertise and distribute it on depending on your target customer and the purpose of the content.


Content Marketing Services We Offer

At Eastside Social, our content marketing services are extensive. From Social Media Bios, to caption copy, newsletters, email funnels, SEO articles, content strategies, editorial calendars, content repurposing, on page blogs & ebooks, our content marketing service can provide exactly what you need, no matter how big or small. However, our range of our most common services is explained more in detail below.


Email Marketing

You know the facts, you never really own your social media followers, but you do own your email lists. That’s why all marketing professionals keep harping on about it - you don’t only own the email lists you build, but you also have a better relationship with this audience too. Together we will create a roadmap to help you determine and achieve your email marketing goals. We then use data analysis & trend forecasting to determine the best email strategy for your business whilst curating highly engaging newsletter content that encourages your audience to fulfil the necessary goals.

Ebook marketing

Blogging & Guest Blogging

High-quality blog content generates awareness, drives traffic, assists SEO & increases customer engagement. With the use of relatable, engaging content and visual aids, we develop content that not only interests current brand supporters, but also increases new visitors to your site. With the write game plan & proper distribution channels, blog content helps you grow and gains you credibility.

web copy content
email marketing content


One of the highest performing lead generators, ebooks are great for marketing campaigns, generating income, attracting potential sales and positioning yourself as a leader in your field. Collaboratively, we will work with you to explore your new eBook topic and will work to design, develop and promote your content across qualified channels.

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Web Copy Creation

Sometimes web copy is a simple case of updating outdated, unrelatable text, sometimes it’s a case of creating copy for a new web page or website build, or perhaps it’s to optimize the existing content for SEO to help increase your organic ranking.

We’re content writers that offer all of this plus more. Get in touch to find out our rate per piece. That’s right, we don’t charge per hour, so we can ensure no unexpected blowouts in cost arise.


how can Content Marketing help your business thrive today?

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