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We’re a holistic, data driven social media marketing agency. We create and manage innovative and scalable social media strategies for small businesses.

We build relationships, increase profits and attract new customers to your business. We help build small businesses & startups into sustainable enterprises, through measured digital marketing strategies. We're not a set & forget agency, and we won't make promises we don't believe we can keep. We're honest, we're enthusiastic, we maintain an ethical business approach, & we believe in quality over quantity. We’re a Social Media Marketing Agency that knows how to get social, let’s get social together

Delivering smart marketing to elevate your business & help you thrive


eastside social media

what do we do?

Social Media is our bread & butter - everything else are the condiments (don’t worry, we love condiments too!). When used effectively, social media is a powerful tool for spreading messages, growing businesses into profitable entities and reaching a far wider audience. We offer an assortment of social media packages to fit businesses & budgets of all sizes. So whether you’re just starting out or a pioneer in your industry - we have a service to suit your growth.


Eastside Social Media

industries we work with.

We’re in the business of storytelling & inspiring connection between businesses and consumers. Through strategically crafted, written and visual storytelling, we begin a dialogue with your potential customers that breaks down all the barriers of purchase. We keep it honest, and we work for your business like it’s our own.

We focus on sustainable growth and creative impact to drive sales and grow your brand awareness. We work alongside you to ensure we tell YOUR story, the RIGHT way. It’s a collaborative & fun method, and together we can weave magic into your social media marketing strategy to enable you to achieve your business goals

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“Eastside Social are everything. I’m not sure where else you can find a highly knowledgeable, committed and passionate social media and marketing company that goes above and beyond to ensure my satisfaction throughout the entire process of working together (and even celebrates with you with a glass of wine!!!!). Eastside social understood MY vision whilst educating me on so many things I didn’t know, I didn’t know! Casey is forward thinking, innovative and I am looking forward to a long lasting business relationship. Highly recommend.” - Kathryn, Self Center

“I would highly recommend using Eastside Social . Eastside Social’s work ethics are flawless and all my needs were met in such a positive manner. She helped me to uncomplicate digital marketing, and simplify all my processes. She even helped me create a customer journey which I didn’t realise I needed. It’s helped me secure more business without a million follow ups” - Lynne, Bugsys Bobcat & Truck


eastside social media


Our values are the backbone of how we approach business, partnerships, social initiatives & our work. They are the guiding principles behind our mission to be your partners in growth. Our values promote a higher standard of marketing & ensure we stay accountable. Our values not only guide how we work, they also guide who we work with. We believe through practising these values and encouraging our clients to do the same we can achieve greatness and enable our partner businesses, like you, to thrive.


honest, open + accountable

We will only engage in open & honest conversation. Conversation that is solution based, in which all parties are accountable for their action. We are open to exploring ideas, and honest about our opinions in order to deliver the best possible outcome, always.

enthusiastic, engaged + collaborative

We encourage a collaborative approach to projects with our clients. One in which all parties are engaged & enthusiastic about driving change & achieving results. We always approach clients work with a relentless enthusiasm that exceeds their expectations.

educational, empowering + innovative

We work to empower, educate & innovate. No idea is silly & all opinions are valued. We educate you every step of the way. Through our business we are aiming to start an initiative that empowers & educates at risk youth through called, M.O.M. Masters of Marketing Foundation.


kind, compassionate + high vibe

We only engage in kind compassionate & high vibe partnerships, work & conversation. We do not blame, we solve. We do not judge, we enquire. We are a kind agency that will never tolerate toxicity in the work place. Protect the vibe, protect the tribe.

It’s not just connecting businesses with consumers. It’s connecting people with people.



Where can you find us?

We are a Byron Bay company that works on a national scale. No matter where you are, we offer a service that geographical boundaries can’t effect. That’s the beauty of online business.

In business, a social presence ensures you’re a player in the game - but a great social presence ensures you win it.
— eastSIDE Marketing Co